Nattas) has the best overall rating, but that is mainly due to his strong performance on the jarvees.comoffensive end of the court. He’s scoring over 25 ppg. on 62.9% shooting from the field.

When you look at the scoring stats of his peers, we can see that the Thunder are actually ahead of the rest of the league at the point guard position.

As we know, Andrew Wiggins is shooting over 50% on 3’s. He is also shooting over 50% from long distance. As of last night’s game against the Lakers, he is shooting over 50% on those long range 3’s.

This might seem like a small sample size, but it’s important to note that Wiggins is shooting over 51% overall on long distance attempts and over 52% from distance for the season.

Of course, you might ask, why does Andrew Wiggins appear to struggle so much from 3?

Well, for the past few years, I’ve seen one or two players from the top tier of the league who consistently struggle from long distances, so I thought that perhaps they should be evaluated differently from the other players, and they should have their numbers looked at differently by the statistics departments of the NBA.

That’s exactly what I did when I began looking into the issue. Over the past decade, I’ve tracked more than 20 other shooting guards of some level who have shot more than 50% from beyond the arc.

Here is a list of the top 20 most valuajarvees.comble long distance players in the NBA over that period:

The chart below can be found here

So, after checking out this list, I felt that Andrew Wiggins was really well placed on the list, and he should be considered as an example of a player who really needs to learn how to shoot from longer distances.

I know that he should be able to shoot over 50% and I feel confident that he will be able to do that with his current offense and the way he wants the바카라 team to play.

I think that is more important than his 3’s, which are simply his strengths in comparison to his peers.

The issue, however, isn’t that he’s shooting over 50% from 3 from a long distance, it’s that he’s shooting poorly when compared to other position players.

I don’t want to get into a conversation where I say “but he should have 100 3s!” or “but he needs to get better shooting from 3!” I don’t